Our Commitments


In today’s market, with its price wars due to inflation, demand for shorter delivery times, and the need to be innovative, responsive and meet new environmental standards, your company has to fight harder every day to maintain its market share and margins.

As competition continues to intensify, you need to be able to rely on a trusted partner, a well-structured, proactive organization that truly understands your challenges and issues, and that can provide a sustainable, efficient and competitive solution.

We focus our resources, energy and expertise on four key commitments to effectively help our clients achieve long-term growth and profitability.


We manufacture our products from A to Z—both containers and their contents—to reduce intermediaries and keep transloading to a minimum, thus ensuring that you always benefit from the most competitive prices.
We apply our technical and industrial expertise to serve four commitments:


Working with our Production, Purchasing, QSE and Marketing teams, our Research & Development team designs, develops and formulates around one hundred new products per year for our brands and our clients’ brands. We carry out the whole development process from sourcing raw materials to analysing and testing components before production commences.


Producing both our own and our client’s packaging is an economical, technical, ecological and marketing choice. Economical, because our production and packaging lines enable us to manufacture products as cost-effectively as possible. Technical, so that we can always provide you with the right packaging to suit your product formulas. Ecological, to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible through on-site production. And finally, marketing, to design the products of the future that reflect our clients’ brands and values.


Manufacturing is our core business, so we make investments every year to make our production facilities even more effective and competitive. Our Production and Maintenance teams ensure that we meet our own quality standards. They guarantee both continuity and responsiveness, enabling us to offer flexibility and just-in-time delivery.


Your company’s performance also hinges on your ability to offer the right product, at the right place, at the right time, with minimum stock. To meet these vital requirements, we offer you customized logistics solutions to optimize the availability of your products, minimize stock levels and maximize stock rotation. This includes full or partial load deliveries, mono- or multi-product pallets, picking, EDI shipping, etc. We offer all of these options.


We aim to offer you constant support to boost the sales and profitability of your automotive fluids (screen wash, engine coolants, lubricants, AdBlue©). Drawing on our expertise in our own products and markets, and our experience working with major French and European brands for many years, we design the most pioneering products for our clients. Our aim is to create a unique, authentic customer experience to effectively generate in-store footfall, as well as increasing brand equity and loyalty.
Our sales and marketing teams not only have in-depth knowledge about our own products and markets, but also fully understand our clients and their brands, values and strategies.
We therefore build and develop a close, strong partnership with our clients, so that we can fulfil our commitment to strengthen their brands’ market position, reputation and market share.
But this does not mean simply providing clients with bland, unimaginative product catalogues We offer you a full product mix, based on our extensive knowledge of your company’s challenges and goals. This includes defining a customized product portfolio for your permanent and promotional ranges, right through to proposing a merchandising plan with online materials to support your sales efforts.


Now is no longer the time to simply state intentions or greenwash with slick communication campaigns. EXTRUPLAST is fully and genuinely committed to our CSR approach, which is central to our corporate governance and overall strategy.

We control the whole manufacturing process, from formulating our products, to producing packaging, to packing and delivery. This comprehensive process allows us to cut down on intermediaries, supply chain flows and transloading.

We are committed to our employees, our region and our environment.

For example, we offset our company’s carbon footprint (staff travel, electricity consumption) by planting an equivalent number of trees, in partnership with Reforest’action. In addition, we contribute to improving and maintaining local biodiversity by purchasing and sponsoring beehives, installing bird boxes and placing insect hotels on our company land. Lastly, we strongly encourage our employees to travel to work using non-motorized means of transport.

These important choices demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Preventing plastic pellet loss into the environment

When EXTRUPLAST was founded in 1998, we started producing plastic containers using extrusion, which also inspired our company name.

Although our initial activities involved the extrusion of HDPE pellets, we have since modernized our manufacturing process to meet changing environmental requirements and social perceptions (to reduce the consumption of raw materials and save energy during production).

We therefore opted for a PET preform blow moulding process (the most widespread production process today) to avoid using plastic pellets for this type of bottle.

In parallel, we do still have a range of HDPE containers, which are produced using pellets stored in silos on our site.

In line with our environmentally conscious approach and our ISO 14001 certification in 2014, we successfully passed the “Prevention of Industrial Plastic Pellet Loss into the Environment” audit that is now required by French Decree n° 2021-461 (16 April 2021), which forms part of the AGEC Law (Anti-Wastage and Circular Economy).