our vocation


Drawing on 25 years of experience, we are recognized experts in automotive fluids (screen wash, coolants, lubricants and AdBlue©). We are committed to offering you unique, customized solutions that meet your needs, at the best price, without sacrificing quality at any point in our supply chain.

Thanks to our partners and customers, we have built our expertise over time, gradually integrating technical, industrial and logistics know-how into our business, to offer you a comprehensive, tailored range of product solutions.

Our aim is work with your company to build and develop a range of car maintenance products that fits your strategy, identity and values. This will allow you to increase your sales, boost your reputation and image, and maximize profitability.

We are committed to working with our customers to achieve this shared goal, by offering them three advantages.



First, we have developed a comprehensive range of automotive products over the years, which are featured in our catalogue and can be customized with your brand. These products include all types of car maintenance fluids: screen wash, coolants (universal or manufacturer), lubricants and Adblue©. All our fluids meet current standards and legislation.
Whether you choose to use your brand or ours to market your automotive fluids, we offer you a wide, varied range of products, references and formats to cover all your needs in your sales outlets and/or workshops.

Second, in addition to your regular products, we can also jointly develop a promotional plan to achieve two important objectives:
– Generate and increase in-store footfall by offering highly competitive, low-cost products without sacrificing quality standards. These offers cover all best-selling car maintenance products, to allow you to display effective, competitive promotions all year round.
– Highlight customer experience by using curiosity and innovation to drive purchases, and by supplying original, constantly-updated products to encourage uptake and loyalty. Our Aloha screen wash brand will make your shelves attractive all year round, boosting footfall and profitability.


Third, our French brand—L’Arbre Vert Automobile—with its excellent reputation and image, will put three distinct benefits on your shelves.

First, the brand’s sustainable image is perfectly aligned with consumer aspirations and requirements. This will allow you to attract and acquire new, more environmentally conscious customers.

Second, the promotion of this flagship brand will enable you to make your sales outlets more attractive and generate significant additional sales.

Third, the presence of a well-established, leading brand like L’Arbre Vert Automobile on your shelves will act as a technical guarantee, around which you can place your own private-label brand and low-cost brand.