Throughout our relationship with our partners, our goal is to build customized product lines for your Private-Label Brands.

How we can
help you

As specialists in our products and markets, we are committed to creating, structuring and developing our customers’ own brands.
When we design your private-label brand (PLB), we always make sure we consider the following factors:
– your sales objectives;
– your profitability objectives;
– your company values;
– your brand image.
This means that we focus on three key aspects—financial, marketing and environmental—when developing your PLB strategy.



First of all, we will work with your purchasing and marketing teams to build your permanent core range of products. This includes defining all the elements in your product mix. We work on the container and its contents simultaneously, which enables us to design a distinctive, attractive PLB range that fits your marketing and sales objectives.

For the container, our marketing teams will develop original, exclusive packaging that effectively reflects your product positioning.

Our technical teams will then produce your chosen packaging. Product packs will be manufactured by our factory at optimum cost, without compromising on quality.

We can also recommend the most appropriate product alternatives for your range and needs, thanks to our extensive, in-depth knowledge of the automotive fluids market (screen wash, engine coolant, lubricant, AdBlue©). Whatever your criteria—breadth and depth of range, regulatory requirements (manufacturer-standard products) or marketing (screen wash protection level)— we will always find the right solution to define and structure your product lines.

In addition to defining your Private Label range, we will also work together to design the necessary merchandising and marketing materials to accompany it. This includes creating labels that reflect your brand image, proposing digital and social media campaigns, and producing customized merchandising tools and materials (ready-to-sell boxes). Our goal is to place your brand at the centre of shelf displays all year round to maximize your sales and optimize the profitability of your product line.



For your PLB to reach its full potential, you will also need to make sure that your product line stands out by creating dynamic displays all year round and offering promotions on your best-selling products. EXTRUPLAST can help you design and implement offers and promotions that are aligned with your marketing policy.
These range from simply drawing attention to discounted products, to creating customized merchandising materials or specific product formats. The overall goal is to offer customers an excellent shopping experience.

The development of your Private-label brand will focus on three imperatives

An economic imperative

In response to the current inflation rate and to help defend consumer purchasing power, you need to offer a full range of automotive fluids that meet the highest possible standards for the fairest price. Our high-performance manufacturing facilities, bulk purchasing capacity, and effective logistics management enable us to offer you the most competitive products.

A marketing imperative

Your daily mission is to promote your brand’s image, reputation and values. We seek to fully understand your challenges and brand positioning, to build a customized product line, with distinct formulas and packaging, that forms a unique identity… your brand identity.

An environmental imperative

In line with our CSR commitments, we develop products with low environmental impact, using our industrial expertise in packaging and product formulas.
This includes using fully recyclable and recycled plastics, as well as carefully chosen ingredients (natural, regenerated or bio-based materials).

Our sole ambition: to offer you a Private Label that perfectly reflects your strategy, identity, and values.